Microsoft Visual Studio 16.16

Microsoft Visual Studio 16.16

Provides users the tools to build innovative software programs
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Microsoft Visual Studio is a complex software program, that has a powerful integrated development environment, with support for Android, iOS, Windows, web and cloud, and which offers a complete set of tools so that users can manage and build innovative software programs.

The installation process goes very smoothly, being a "next-next" operation. After the installation is over and you enter the program, you are offered 4 themes to choose from. The interface has stylish menus and buttons, and the theme colors are well-mixed, but the toolbar below the front menu seems to have quite small icons. Despite that, there's nothing to argue about the GUI.

Microsoft Visual Studio provides tools for 5 important activities: development, debugging, testing, collaborating and extending.
In development, with MVS users can get in contact with various functions like call structure, test-status, related functions or check-ins. It also enables code writing without loss of current file context.

The built-in debugger can quickly find and fix bugs either locally or remotely, across languages, or with historical data of your code.

Testing tools are used to deliver performant software, as agreed with the stakeholders. With these tools, users can plan, monitor, and execute the entire testing process.

In order to collaborate efficiently, you must be agile, thus using version control and carefully manage the source code in any Git provider with MVS tools can mean a lot to the success of the project.

Lastly, MVS offers various extensions possibilities, such as tools and templates, so you can customize the program as per your needs.

To summarize, Microsoft Visual Studio is one of the most important IDE for developing console and GUI applications because it provides the developers a complete set of complex and powerful tools so they can build a close to perfection software. The only cons I found were a bit too complicated set of debugging tools, high memory usage and the miss of a "Find File" feature.

JS Senior editor
John Saunders
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  • Offers various extensions possibilities
  • Provides the tools to manage the source code in any Git provider
  • Has a fast built-in debugger


  • Misses a Find File feature
  • Uses a lot of system memory
  • Has a complicated set of debugging tools


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Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

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Visual C++ Redistributable 32Bit
Visual C++ Redistributable

VC++ Redist installs run-time components enabling running of Visual Studio apps.


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